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09, 2020

Global Vessel and Tank Work To Provide Hurricane Relief

Sep 01, 2020

September 1, 2020, Global Vessel and Tank works to provide hurricane relief across the gulf coast to areas that have been impacted by Hurricane Laura. Southwest Louisiana received catastrophic damage from the strongest hurricane to hit Louisiana i...


04, 2020

Global Vessel and Tank Becomes ESOP Company

Apr 01, 2020

April 1, 2020 New Iberia, LA - Global Vessel and Tank has made the official leap to becoming an ESOP "Employee Owned" company. We are proud of this accomplishment and the great things to come for all of the valued employees of this wonderful compa...


03, 2020

Global Vessel and Tank COVID-19 Response

Mar 16, 2020

Global Vessel and Tank remains determined to achieve an unprecedented level of commitment and service during these very difficult and uncertain times. Let us partner with you to ensure your success by providing responsive, efficient solutions to t...


01, 2020

Global Vessel and Tank Full Paint and Blasting Capabilities

Jan 01, 2020

Global Vessel and Tank now has full paint and blasting capabilities. Contact us today for more information! ...


08, 2019

Global Vessel and Tank - All Facilities have State of the Art HydroBoost

Aug 31, 2019

Global Vessel and Tank - all facilities now have a state of the art hydroboost with a state of the art sump and pump systems to efficiently and effectively test all equipment....


09, 2018

New Iberia, LA - Expands Operation With An Additional 15,000 Sq Ft Shop Dedicated To Constructing Modular Skid And Interconnect Piping.

Sep 06, 2018

September 2017, New Iberia LA- Expands operation with an additional 15,000 sq ft shop dedicated to constructing Modular Skid and Interconnect Piping. This expansion also provides a 50% increase in the existing ASME Code Vessel facility which reduc...


07, 2018

Union City, Oklahoma - Purchase Of This Property From Past Owner To Allow GVT To Perform The Expansions Needed.

Jul 06, 2018

July 2018, Union City Oklahoma- Purchase of this property from past owner to allow GVT to perform the expansions needed. Tank plant to install new 50 x 100 coating facility to lower VOC emissions to EPA and local regulations, allow more tanks and ...


06, 2018

Longview, TX - Opening Of Gum Springs Machine Shop.

Jun 09, 2018

September 2017, Longview,Tx- Opening of Gum Springs machine shop. Installed new 20' x 40' Plasma burn table and welding machinery at this 12,500sq. ft. facility to be a centralized location to cut and fabricate API storage tank tops and bottoms, v...


06, 2018

Olla LA – Reopening Of This Facility To Bring In Tank Production From Longview,Tx Callahan Facility Due To Conversion Of Callahan To An ASME Code Vessel Shop.

Jun 06, 2018

June 2018, Olla LA - Reopening of this facility to bring in tank production from Longview,Tx Callahan facility due to conversion of Callahan to an ASME Code vessel shop. Brought in all employees and equipment necessary to get tank production out a...


06, 2018

Longview, TX - Conversion Of Machinery And Production Process In Our Kodak API Tank Plant To Accommodate More Tank Production At Faster Run Rates With Same High Standard API 12F Quality.

Jun 06, 2018

June 2018, Longview, TX- Conversion of machinery and production process in our Kodak API Tank plant to accommodate more tank production at faster run rates with same high standard API 12F quality. This change in our process also increases safety t...