Emission Products

Emission Products

Global Vessel & Tank designs and manufactures unique flare booms that are primarily utilized to burn off waste gases from the production process of oil and gas wells.

Our units may be used in both high and low pressure applications, as well as low volume applications.

Our unique design features a retractable arm that improves safety by eliminating the need for ladders or man-lifts to service the igniter assembly. This also allows all servicing and maintenance to be performed safely at ground level.

Our flare booms also feature an integral sump that is used to catch and retain any liquids that may fall out of the gas stream. This results in cleaner burning flames as well as prevention of liquid carry-over to the flare exit tip.

Utilizing high quality flare booms is essential in order for your company to meet EPA regulations and obtain permits from state regulatory agencies. With Global Vessel & Tank, you benefit from an efficient, effective product that is also safer than the average flare boom.

We offer standard flare boom sizes including 2” X 25’; 3” X 25’; and 4” X 25’. Dual flares in multiple configurations are also available. In addition, enclosed flares are available, which are typically used in burning off low pressure, low volume tank vapors.

Continuous ignition systems may be used in conjunction with our units. In most cases, this will be customer-specific.