Enviro-Flange is a groundbreaking anti-leak pressure and liquid retaining fire-box flange.

Developed and manufactured by Global Vessel & Tank, Enviro-FlangeTM is a unique and effective solution to a wide variety of costly and dangerous pressure vessel problems that have plagued the processing equipment industry for decades. By modernizing pressure vessels with Enviro-FlangeTM, operators can save money, greatly improve safety and reduce environmental risks.

While pressure vessels have been a staple of processing equipment in the oil and gas industry for many years, very little has ever been done to improve the safety of these vessels. Over the years, the main part of a pressure vessel that causes most issues is the fire tube flange. Standard design for the fire tube flange is a flat-faced plate with a neoprene rubber gasket compressed between two flanges. This configuration contributes to many dangerous problems such as leaks, fires and spills. This in turn may cause serious injuries or death, environmental impacts, loss of production and costly shut-downs.

To make matters worse, replacing a fire tube is often extremely difficult as manufacturers each make their own proprietary flanges that are very costly and difficult the change out. This can cause operators to shut down entire production systems – which can lead to the loss of millions of dollars per day.

The solution to avoiding all of these problems is simple – Enviro-FlangeTM. The secret to this innovative flange is its advanced patent-pending design that features an oval raised face and a non-asbestos sealing gasket. And unlike other flanges on the market, Enviro-FlangeTM can be attached to ANY make or model of fire vessel right off the shelf. That means operators will save money, decrease environmental risks and greatly improve safety.

Enviro-FlangeTM is currently being used by numerous oil and gas processing operations throughout the world – so it has already been proven effective. With this innovative, universal product, the days of shutting down the whole operation to repair a pressure vessel are long gone.

Modernize your operations today with Enviro-FlangeTM – the most cost-effective fire-box flange in the industry.