Storage Tanks

Storage Tanks

Global Vessel & Tank manufactures steel shop-welded oil and water storage tanks in standard API 12F sizes ranging from 100bbl to 1000bbl.

Our tanks are constructed using 3/16” and ¼” A36 material – and all welding and testing is performed according to API 12F specifications.

In addition, shop-welded tanks are available in special sizes and can be constructed to API 650, UL 142 and American Water Works Association specifications. API 12F Monogram tanks are also available through our Longview, TX plant.

Our tank pressure ratings per API 12F for 12-foot diameter are 16 oz., and 15’6” diameter are rated at 8 oz.

Tanks are primed and painted to meet each customer’s unique needs – and a variety of protective corrosion control coatings are also available.

Global Vessel & Tank also offers a variety of tank thief hatches for specific customer applications by manufacturers such as Vessel Components, Enardo, Jayco and more.

Our shop-welded tanks include the following standard and optional features.

Standard Accessories
1 – 24” X 36” Extended Neck Cleanout
1 – Pressure/Vacuum Thief Hatch
7 – Threaded Connections
1 – Double Set of Walkway Lugs
1 – Coat Primer and Enamel Paint

Optional Features
1 – Flanged or Grooved Connections
1 – Larger and/or Additional Connections
1 – Rolling Lines
1 – Downcomers
1 – Protective Coatings
1 – Customized Exterior Paint